Minds in Motion®


What is the Minds in Motion® program?

Pilates no floorThe Minds in Motion® program combines physical activity, socialization and mental stimulation for people living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease, or other dementias, to enjoy with a family or community care partner.


At the Minds in Motion® program you will…

  • Be physically active
  • Meet and socialize with other people living with dementia and their care partners
  • Enjoy mentally stimulating activities to enhance your brain health
  • Receive emotional and educational support about dementia and services, as needed


Is the Minds in Motion® program for me?

Jenga gameThe Minds in Motion® program is designed for people with early to mid-stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.  Early symptoms of dementia may include memory loss, confusion, communication difficulties and changes in mood and behaviour.

Minds in Motion® is intended to be enjoyed with a family member or community care partner.  Under certain circumstances, some people with dementia may attend the program on their own.  This requires consultation with the Minds in Motion® coordinator.

For further information about the Minds in Motion® program, or to discuss if this program is right or you, please contact Kathy Diehl Cyr, Minds in Motion® Program Coordinator at the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba (204) 943-6622 ext. 203.


What can I expect?

The program is divided into the following components:

  • A certified fitness instructor will lead the 45-50 minute physical activity session
  • Staff and volunteers lead the 45-50 minute mental stimulation session
  • Participants enjoy a healthful refreshment break while socializing with other participants


To find out more

Visit the Minds in Motion® website for further details about sites and upcoming sessions.