First Link Funding Announcement

The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is grateful to announce a multi-year commitment for our First Link® program from the Jessiman Foundation, our long-time donors and the Manitoba Government.  


During the pandemic, the Alzheimer Society identified an increasing gap: the need for support had grown beyond what our existing First Link® staff could provide. First Link is our pillar program that connects families impacted by dementia to information, support services and education as early as possible and throughout the progression of the disease.

The Jessiman Foundation stepped up to champion our campaign with a leadership gift of $500,000 over the next four years and asked Alzheimer Society donors to match their gift. Our community of long-time donors responded and joined the campaign by matching the Jessiman’s gift in a matter of months, almost doubling our capacity to connect with families and provide the support they need.


When the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba approached the provincial government to partner on this important initiative – they answered the call with an additional funding commitment of $1,300,000 over the next four years.  


“It’s incredible and inspiring to see everyone rally together as a community,” says Wendy Schettler, CEO, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. “It means families impacted by dementia can continue to have a place to turn when they need information and support.” 


The Alzheimer Society helps with planning, access to community resources, support and information, education and dementia-specific expertise. Connecting early and throughout the progression of the disease helps families develop competency and resiliency in facing their journey with dementia. 


The next step in our campaign will be an additional $300,000 focusing on outreach and expansion of our education programs. We need to connect with a more diverse population in Manitoba and continue to be there for families during every stage of their journey.