Our Philosophy

The principles that uphold the work we do are based on a person-centred care model.  These principles include:

  • Acceptance – to be supported by people who understand that behaviour is often a form of communication that may express an unmet need and to have these needs considered in planning.
  • Collaboration – to ensure the person, their family and professionals are seen as equal partners in support planning.
  • Dignity – to live without fear of shame or ridicule brought on by another’s words or actions.
  • Inclusion – to be included to a maximum degree possible in reaching decisions that will affect one’s life.
  • Moral responsibility – to see the preservation of quality of life as a right of all people, including people with dementia.
  • Person-centred language – to recognize the impact that language has and to ensure it is used to focus on the person’s capacities, to describe and validate their experiences, and to support the above mentioned principles.
  • Recognition – to be recognized as an individual, with life experiences, a unique personality, values and beliefs; and to have these incorporated in planning support.
  • Respect – to be treated as a valued human being, with warmth and authenticity, being listened to without judgment, and ensuring an opportunity for self-determination and self-expression.
  • Relationships – to have important relationships honoured and preserved; and to have support in developing other positive relations that will contribute to basic equality of life.
  • Safety – to encourage the person, their family and friends and professionals who support them to balance the person’s right to autonomy and self-determination with safety, a sheltering environment and nurturing interactions.