“Bad Parent” Relaxed Performance Opportunity with Prairie Theatre Exchange

Prairie Theatre Exchange is teaming up with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba to provide a new and exciting offer!

To help promote their relaxed performance of their newest play “Bad Parent” on November 17th, Prairie Theatre Exchange is offering 25% off tickets and a complimentary ticket! That’s two tickets for the price of 75% of one!

Call their box office line at 204-942-5483 to reserve your seats for this show!

Learn more on their website!

*A relaxed performance includes: sounds and lights at modified to be less startling, house lights are kept on at a very low level throughout the performance to allow for safe movement around the theatre and there’s a quiet space set aside in the lobby for those who need it during the peformance. You’ll still get a great high-quality play, it’s the ambiance of the area around that will be more comforting to the audience.