Dementia Care Education – Sponsored by All Seniors Care

February 14th 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



In these two half-day workshops, learn the basics of dementia and dementia care. We will discuss:
  • important skills and strategies for day-to-day care that will help you to:
    • prevent or reduce responsive behaviours
    • successfully interact with people with dementia
    • de-escalate situations that may occur
  • practical tools that are user-friendly that everyone in the care team can be involved in:
    • DOS (Dementia Observation System)
    • Pro-Attention Plan
  • brain changes in dementia and how they affect communication, judgment and decision-making, making it necessary for caregivers to change their approach to persons with dementia
  • the cognitive changes of dementia (7As of dementia) and how these brain changes affect the life of a person with dementia

Presented by: Sheila Smith, RN, BN, Regional Educator, Long Term Care Program, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg

Sponsored by All Seniors Care