Shift Pop Up Yoga & Meditation

April 1st - December 31st

Pop up yoga and meditation classes are crafted to shift your perspective of your connection to self and others. These uniquely designed classes are for groups of two or more people and are tailored to suit any level.

Based in Winnipeg, Shift Yoga provides the opportunity to have one of a kind yoga and meditation experiences lead in non-traditional settings or in the comfort of your own sacred space.

The #‎iaminitiative‬ provides $2 per participant to the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba for all classes taking place in 2016.

Visit to find out more about prices and upcoming events.

Class Styles:

Shift Pop Up Vinyasa: An invigorating practice that synchronizes breath and movement. You will finish feeling like you can take on anything that comes your way, because you can.

Shift Pop Up Yin: A meditative practice that releases energy blockages in the body and provides a deep massage of the connective tissue. You will finish with a greater sense of patience and appreciation for non-doing.

Shift Pop Up Yin Yang: Think a combination of both vinyasa and yin yoga that will leave you feeling balanced from head to toe.

Shift Pop Up Meditation: A guided meditation meant to bring awareness and kindness to the present moment with a focus on the body and breath.