Hospital Visits

Be Ready for an Emergency Department Visit

Whether it is a planned admission or an unexpected emergency visit, the unfamiliar noises and activities of a hospital can be especially upsetting for a person living with dementia. Preparation can improve a visit. Be Ready for an Emergency Department Visit is a series of handy checklists and forms for a person with dementia to fill out with a family member, friend, or caregiver. Complete these forms before a trip to the hospital is necessary, so that the person with dementia is ready to go. The information provided on these forms will help you communicate the person’s needs, making it possible for hospital staff to provide more personalized care.

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Use the checklist as a guide to work through each of the tools in this series:

About this resource

From the Older Adult Hospital Readiness Dementia Series, this resource is a joint publication between the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Older Adult Hospital Readiness (OAHR) Research Program Team, University of Alberta. The toolkit is the result of a research project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Alzheimer Society Canada.