Gary #ilivewithdementia

I’ve lived with Alzheimer’s disease for about eight years now, but I feel like I’m doing pretty darn well. My memory is a lot shorter than it was, and my logic isn’t as straight forward anymore, but my wife Judy and I work together and things turn out well.

When I was a kid living in Vancouver, it rained for 40 days and I got really depressed, although at the time I probably didn’t know that’s what it was. One day I got on my bike and it didn’t matter that I was soaking wet; when I got home I realized I was feeling great. That’s become a pattern for me. Whenever I feel mopey or edgy and I want to feel good, I get on my bike.

I ride my bike for 30 to 60 minutes every other day. I live in Riverview and I ride to Assiniboine Park. Before the pandemic, I’d meet friends there and we’d have coffee and talk. We’re not doing that now and I really miss it. But we talk to family and friends by phone.

I walk our dog and I go for walks with Judy. I read the paper and do the puzzles; poor Judy doesn’t get to do them because I’m there first! I always have a book to read and I watch the news twice a day. I do 50 push-ups and 10 chin-ups every day. When I’m at loss for something to do, Judy always has suggestions.

And when the snow arrives, I’m the shoveller for the city sidewalks on our block. I think my neighbours take me for granted, but I don’t mind. I enjoy the exercise.

We’re disappointed we can’t go to the Alzheimer Society’s programs during the pandemic – they’re worthwhile and we really enjoy them. But doing some of them virtually has worked out well. Once I see the people I’ve come to know in my support group, I just smile! The Alzheimer Society is there for both of us and we so appreciate it!


  • If you can’t see people face to face, connect with them by phone.
  • Go out for a walk with other people, but make sure you stay six feet apart.
  • Visit people virtually so you can see their faces.

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