Staff Training

We are asking the Government of Manitoba to provide dementia education for health professionals. 

Caring for individuals with dementia in community, hospital or personal care home settings is complex and challenging. To do the best job possible, professional caregivers need training and education.

While the provincial government has invested in training for personal care home staff, the effort needs to be expanded to include other health and service sectors. The 2014 Manitoba’s Framework for Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias addressed this need, calling for increased dementia education in areas such as acute care, urgent care and community settings.

The provincial government must commit to ongoing investment in education for personal care home staff, along with new investment for staff in other sectors. Both are necessary to ensure the delivery of quality care to people with dementia, regardless of where that care is received.

Manitobans like Gavin know the importance of dementia education for health care professionals. His wife, Beverly, lives with Alzheimer’s disease and is currently residing in a personal care home.