The Canadian Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Partnership (CADDP)

The Alzheimer Society has proposed the creation of the Canadian Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Partnership (CADDP). Developing a national dementia strategy for Canada requires a supportive collaborative partnership between governments and stakeholders across all jurisdictions. The Partnership would bring together dementia experts, governments, researchers, health-care providers, industry, consumer groups as well as people living with dementia and their families to lead, coordinate and facilitate the development and implementation of an integrated, comprehensive national dementia strategy in Canada.

Strategic objectives

CADDP’s mandate would be achieved through these objectives:


  • Accelerate investment in all areas of dementia research, including bio-medical; clinical; social; health services and policy.
  • Develop evidence-based standards of care in chronic disease prevention and management.


  • Provide a surveillance system to inform health policy and service planning, foster evidence-based strategies for prevention and management and support research.
  • Promote broader public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and combat stigma.


  • Recognize and support the important role of informal caregivers by providing access to financial benefits through the tax system.
  • Promote an emphasis on prevention, early detection and early intervention.
  • Ensure that persons with dementia, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, are involved in all aspects of the Partnership.

For more information about the Canadian Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Partnership, download: The Canadian Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Partnership: Strategic Objectives – A collective vision for a national dementia strategy for Canada (PDF)