Walking to Celebrate Dad: Andy’s Crew 

For Lorna Trapp and her family, the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s is a day to remember her dad, Andy. They were new to the Walk last year – the first in-person Walk since Covid. Lorna says she could feel the happiness and excitement blooming among Walk participants, volunteers and staff. It was amazing to see families and friends coming together for this great cause, especially after a few years of virtual Walks.

When Andy was diagnosed with dementia, Lorna called the Alzheimer Society to get advice on how to spark comfortable conversations and interactions in a way that wouldn’t make him feel overwhelmed. Lorna’s dad had always been outgoing and chatty, but dementia caused him to lose those social abilities.

Lorna had previously experienced dementia – both her uncle and grandfather were diagnosed – so she’d seen some of the effects of the disease before. But seeing how dementia impacted her dad made her realize just how life-changing this was for her whole family.

Her dad passed away in 2021 and Lorna had been looking for a way to remember and honour him. She had heard about the Walk and thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

So, Lorna gathered six of her family members to form a team and they joined the Walk as Andy’s Crew!

“It was an emotional day. It was a time to think about dad, about the challenges he went through, and about the loss my family felt,” Lorna says. “It was also a great way to come together as a community of people, all there to support one another.”

For Lorna, raising money to support the Alzheimer Society’s work means other families can continue to access the resources that helped her family. Lorna received support from the Society when her family didn’t know where else to turn for information. It helped to hear others discuss the struggles and challenges they faced at the workshops and education sessions she attended. Hearing from others in similar situations made her feel she was not alone on this dementia journey.

“The Society’s programming is just so important and the education sessions are key to people looking for that helpful information,” Lorna says.
Andy’s Crew is excited to attend the Walk again this year – with even more family members joining the team.

Check out the official website for more details and to register for this year’s Walk.