Generous Donor Makes a Sound Investment in the Alzheimer Society

Dave Mills knows all about making sound investments – he worked in the business for 50 years. Recently, he decided to make what some might call an “investment” of a different sort: he is leaving a gift in his will for the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.

Dave is very much aware that people with dementia and their families need help to manage their situations. His mother, who died in 1993, was affected by the disease.

In recent years, Dave became a main caregiver, this time for his wife, Dorothy, who has dementia. For five years, the pair managed in their own home, with Dave making sure Dorothy was safe and cared for.

“I was retired, so was able to take care of everything, including cooking and laundry,” he says. “But it was 24/7, and even with some help from home care, it begins to weigh on you.”

Three years ago, Dorothy moved to a care home, and Dave visits daily. His favourite moments with her are when she sings songs for him. He finds it fascinating that the brain somehow retains the memory for music: all her life, Dorothy sang just for the fun of it.

A dedicated donor, Dave has given to the Alzheimer Society annually for many years. His decision to also name the Society in his will strengthens his commitment to invest in the organization so it can continue to provide services for those in need – today and into the future.

If you, like Dave, are considering a charitable gift in your Will to the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, there are tools and resources available on the Will Power website that can help.

For more information on leaving a gift in your Will to the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, please contact:
Lorraine Decock
Director of Development
204-943-6622 ex. 212