It’s National Caregiver Day!

Tuesday, April 2 is National Caregiver Day – a day to celebrate and honour Canadian carers. Care partners play an integral role in the dementia journey and we recognize their commitment to providing care despite the many challenges they may have faced. Thank you for everything you do!

And to all those who know someone in a caregiving role, remember to reach out and check in.

Back in January, we highlighted a few care partners as part of our awareness campaign. Take a moment to read their stories and learn about their experiences caring for someone living with dementia.

GARY is a care partner for his wife, Brenda, who lives with dementia. He says:

“The Society helped me be able to separate Brenda from her disease, which was a real eye-opener.”

Read Gary’s story here.

You can also read a letter written by Gary, explaining his wife’s dementia to his grandchildren.


KEN is a care partner for his wife Brenda, who was diagnosed with young-onset dementia. He says:

“Attending the support groups has helped me tremendously. It’s so refreshing to walk into a space and just know you’re understood.”

Read Ken’s story here.


MARGARET is a care partner for her husband Keith, who lives with vascular dementia. She says:

“Don’t be afraid to ask others for help – you don’t have to do it on your own.”

Read Margaret’s story here.



JESSICA is a care partner for her mother. She says:

“Try to find that support, someone or somewhere you can share without judgement. The Alzheimer Society is a great place to start.”

Read Jessica’s story here.


Our First Link Client Support Team is here to help all people living with dementia and care partners. If you’re facing caregiving challenges or need support, call us anytime at 204-943-6622 (Winnipeg) / 1-800-378-6622 (Manitoba) or email You can also fill out our online form and we’ll reach out to you.